Otter List

Otter List allows you to do what all lists should: re-order, insert, or delete items from anywhere inside a list, not just at the end.

Otter Menu

AVAILABLE NOW!! Otter Menu lets you draw nested and filterable drop down lists, so no more lengthy drop downs that are difficult to select. Just start...

What is a Clockwork Otter?

The clockwork otter (Lontra artificium) is a rare species of mammal, hailing from the American midwest. It establishes a habitat in the game developer ecosystem, typically creating fixes and improvements for popular software, allowing devs to do what they do, but faster and better. The Clockwork Otter is amischievous sort: don't leave your shoe laces untied around him or leave him alone in your house with beers in the fridge. But give him a computer, an IDE and a bucket of coffee and he'll work magic.