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OtterMenu_Logo_NewWFOtter Menu Installation Instructions

OtterMenu installation is a 5 minute process which requires no code changes whatsoever.  If you follow the steps below, you can be up and running with improved enums and OtterMenu functionality in minutes.


1) Open the project inside Unity in which you would like to install OtterMenu. For the purposes of this example, we will use the Angry Bots demo that comes with Unity. After you open your project, your editor should look similar to the screen shot above.


2) Open the main AngryBots scene. This step is not required, but will help verify the successful installation of OtterMenu. The main AngryBots scene may already be open after opening the project, in which case you may skip this step.


3) Click on the OtterMenu package. When you do, you should see the import dialog as shown above. Click on the Import button to import the package.


4) Once the package has been imported, you should see a “ClockworkOtter” folder in your project, with some sub-folders underneath.

5) IMPORTANT: After the package has been imported, go to “File” and then “Open Project”, and re-open your project to initialize the new OtterMenu plugin.




6) To test that it has worked,  select “Main Camera” from the AngryBots scene hierarchy, shown in the screenshots above. Once you have selected the main camera, you should see the “Quality Manager” panel in the inspector.  From there, click on the “Current Quality” button, and you should get a drop down list that can be filtered by typing in the edit box! If you see this, OtterMenu was successfully installed, and this is how all your enums should look.

Congratulations! You’ve installed OtterMenu successfully. It will need to be imported into each project that you want to use it with, and once installed, will automatically work with any enums in the Inspector. No more long lists of enums, you can now categorize and filter them! For more advanced usage information, please go to the FAQ or Advanced Usage pages. If you have questions that are not answered there, please check out our support forums, and we’ll work to answer your questions directly. Thank you for supporting our product, and keep your eyes open for our additional tools which will be released shortly.

To find out more about OtterMenu, including how to use it with custom inspectors, put entries in folders, and how to use the OtterMenu control in your own menus (and not just enums), check out our FAQ and advanced usage pages!

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